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    Who we are

    BEST SHOP USA is a team of professionals whose aim is to provide extensive support to our customers upon making and forming orders as well as upon shipping goods from such shops as eBay, Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart and many others. Solving this task, we establish contacts with the owners of American online stores and logistic companies on account of well-arranged work schemes and provide our customers with minimum delivery terms, extensive service and adequate prices. Obligatory insurance of all the goods serves as an additional guaranteed to every customer.

    Why should you apply to us

    The opening of a new work stream at our company is based on the real necessity of providing assistance to a large number of buyers from such CIS countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and others as well as from European countries. It is possible to receive qualitative goods from US online shops within the shortest possible time and without any limits except for those established by the current legislation.
    What problems have you faced up with when buying goods at US online stores? You have probably had the following difficulties:
    Receiving defective goods. Unfortunately, when customers from third world countries order goods from online stores, defective goods can be supplied to them.
    Inability to return money for defective goods. Since foreign shoppers do not have an opportunity to check the goods before buying them and at the moment of getting the parcel, it is practically impossible to return money in the event of receiving defective goods.
    Inability to make an order since the shop does not send orders to your home country. Many US online stores do not supply goods to Russia, the CIS and Eastern European countries. Therefore, the opportunities of the inhabitants of these countries to acquire qualitative American goods are considerably limited.
    Absence of opportunity to pay for the purchase because US stores do not work with the payment systems available for the buyers. For example, the PayPal system does not entirely function in every state of Eastern Europe, and American online stores do not work with the payment systems widespread in Eastern Europe such as Web Money, Yandex Money and etc. This also relates to payment card accounts open at foreign banks.
    Damage and loss of goods in the process of transportation. Applying to a forwarding company with bad business integrity often results in the damage of the parcel in the process of transportation.
    Absence of goods insurance and, as a result, inability to make up possible losses. Inhabitants of Moscow, Krasnodar, Vilnius, Bialystok and other cities cannot form an insurance policy for a parcel from the USA.

    What have we done to solve these problems once and for all?
    We have hired a large staff of employees (more than 70 people) who live on the territory of the USA. We provide their addresses to our customers so that they will be able to make orders. Our employees check the completeness of the order and accompanying documents. If necessary, your goods will be additionally checked.
    We cooperate with forwarding companies and determine the most suitable schemes of supplying goods with account for their categories, transportation requirements, customer’s budgets and wishes.
    Every parcel is insured. This guarantees the return of funds in the event of any problems caused by the shop or forwarding company.
    We will provide our payment systems to customers so that they will manage to pay their purchases.

    The main principles we use in our work are:

    When did we start

    Our company has been developing this line of business since 2013. Since then we have been doing everything to turn the process of buying goods at US online stores into real pleasure.

    What is the purpose of our services

    You will need our services for the following purposes:
    Economy. Buying goods in Turkey, CIS and Eastern European countries, you always overpay for them. Sometimes you have to pay twice as much as the real price of the goods. For example, the cost of iPhone 6 in Eastern Europe is $1000. In the USA, it costs just $700.
    Absence of forgeries. One of the most widespread customer complaints lies in their receiving counterfeit goods. We help customers avoid these problems.
    Absence of risks. We guarantee one hundred percent protection from swindlers and safety of your money.

    How will you buy goods

    Our cooperation can take place on any scheme convenient for you:
    You buy goods on your own. Our employee in the USA will check your goods, takes photos of them and send them to any place you will point out.
    We will pay the order instead of you using our credit card, PayPal account or another payment opportunity. After this you will pay the money we paid for your goods to us and the fees we charge using your credit card.
    You use the services of a personal manager who help you solve all questions connected with payment, transportation and other tasks.

    What can you buy

    The main advantages of American goods are high quality and low price. All American online stores engaged in retail sales are extremely sensitive to the goods assortment and take care of their image. In particular, the stores are trying to have brilliant business integrity on the territory of the USA. As a result, there is a high trust to US online stores in the USA and all over the world.
    Applying to us, you will have a chance to buy goods which are still not sold at your home country. You will get an access to the best US online stores where you will be able to buy what you want.



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