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Our company provides assistance to a large number of buyers from all over the world. We make it possible to buy and ship high-quality goods from any US online store within the shortest time possible.

What are the common difficulties of buying goods at US online stores?
You may face such issues as receiving broken or damaged goods, and inability to return money for them; loss of goods during the delivery process; shipping delays; absence of opportunity to use desired payment options; high shipping fees and no possibility of international shipping.

How does our company solve these issues for you?
We have hired a large staff of employees all over the USA who can accept, inspect, consolidate and provide all other shipping services for You while you are busy. You will not need to waste your time anymore on tiring calls to stores and postal services; time-consuming procedures of returning merchandise back to the stores or claiming refunds which may not be approved etc. We do whatever is needed instead of you. We cooperate with all major carriers like FEDEX, UPS, DHL, USPS and determine the most convenient shipping rates for you.

Compensations. All your orders and goods are protected by our company and we take full responsibility for your items being delivered on time and in the right condition. We compensate lost, damaged items and shipping delays.

Enjoy shopping and do not worry about a thing.


Our business was launched in 2014. We have been operating for more than 6 years already and we have helped thousands of customers all over the globe since then.


You will be provided with your very own US shipping address of one of our employees who will receive, inspect, consolidate and ship the packages right to the destination place you choose.

You will be provided with a personal manager who will take care of all the procedures connected with your order like returning, claiming the refund, making sure you receive the pictures of your merchandise before the shipping and contacting all the necessary services.

What is our mission

We make the shipping process as smooth as possible and save your time.

We give you an opportunity to avoid overpaying for items which are normally much cheaper in USA stores. If you have always dreamt of American high-quality merchandise, we will make your dreams come true and help you deliver whatever you want wherever you want within the shortest time frames.

What do we guarantee

We will make sure you will not receive damaged or broken goods. We guarantee one hundred percent refund of your money being paid for our services in case of any delivery issues.

We provide 24/7 Customer Care so you can contact us anytime you want.

We control all the stages of the delivery process from the moment the order is placed by you to the moment you receive the order at your place.